Saturday, May 18, 2013


Hey guys, I`ve noticed some people still visit this blog, if you want to see what i`m up to lately it`s best to check out my facebook account or polycount sketchbooks see you there

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Action Detraction

Helluw there neglected blog thingamahoo,

Time to update you once again,
little bit about life in general and a little art to go along with it as usuall.

So let's start with life.

The weightloss is still going, lost 40 kilos by now and i'm semi addicted to jogging so i don't have to fear gaining it all again over night.
You always hear people in the media who lost a bunch of weight saying "I feel sooooo much better now" but i don't really feel that way healthwise.
My physique is a lot better ofcourse but it was never at a point where i felt really bad about it or it affected me in a big way. It was mostly that mirror reflection that made me start losing weight again after the n'th try.

Moving on i finally moved out of my parents house to live by myself in my own apartment. I know i'm a boring f*ck for saying this but i love how quiet it is. I do what i want when i want , put something somewhere and find it back in the same state etc...
Anyway it's all good, i should maybe go out some more now that i can but i then i first need to find someone who isn't tangled up in a relationship and still has the permission to go play outside and have a drink with me.

But as always i keep busy doing artsy stuff, not as much as i'd like to do in my spare time but enough to keep me thinking i'm learning new stuff

And now without further ado, les images

new to old

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It goes oooooon and oooon and ooooooon

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

And how...

So after looking @ some of my previous posts here and the insecure feelings about my internship i'm glad to say that it turned out more awesome then i thought it would :D.

So a few months back i got the opportunity to do an internship as a 3d artist @ Larian Studios. A gamestudio located in Gent, Belgium that's especially know for it's Divinity series and some of the educational games they made.

At first i was a little afraid that i wouldn't get to work on their bigger projects but apparently i was wrong. Almost from day one i got to do the most awesome things i could imagine.

Also my doubts concerning 2D vs 3d... Well i'm mainly a 3d artist but i also get to do some design work. A perfect combination :)

Did you notice i didn't speak in the past tense in that last sentence? Guess i don't have to after getting hired!
I'm also proud to announce that i graduated with high distinction this year :). I didn't even know that was still possible for me but i certainly didn't mind getting the news.

Hmmm what more can i say. Oh yeah atm i'm kicking my weight issue in the nuts again.
Lost 11kg in 5 weeks, jogging more then 5 times a week, surpassed my longest run and brought it up to 1,5 hours and watching my food. *FEELS GOOD MAN*
This time i'm keeping it up, no more trying just doing.

Oke oke you got me, i'm janking on about everything except actual art. I've been doing a lot of different things the past half year and i must admit that doing art after work is challenging (especially now with the working out). But that isn't a reason not to do anything anymore so here are some of the things i've made over the past 10 months.

New to Old


speedsculpt based on david boudreau sketch

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Despite my lazyness i managed to get some things started/done :o

I make a lot of plans , have a lot of ideas but in the end I'll end up making what i want to make
Also starting to have some more doubts towards my internship, do i really want to do an internship at a AAA studio (if I'd be able to get the chance) or should i go for a more indy company thats closer to home and probably get to do some more fun stuff in both 2d and 3d.
I love painting, i love painting more then sculpting. So tell me why I'd be doing an internship as a 3d artist? It's not like I'm any better at it.
Blah gonna stop the doubtful brainfarts and just show the artwork.

new to old
creepy doll lifepaint (she eats your soul while painting her 0_0)

comicon wip

concepttag of a VEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYY OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD paint of charlotte van roelen (is that clear enough? :D)

a my mood thingy charlotte started (not sure if i'll keep these up :P)

Kosheen - Catch
Geüpload door SweeTDreaM. - Ontdek andere muziek video's.