Sunday, August 8, 2010

Art and it's frustrations

So i was working on this painting for this weeks daeforum compo that was titled "Alternative Art" (aka grab an existing figure and do something different with it)

So i tried to do a semi realistic version of one of those big boobed anime chicks from bleach (halibel in release form)

At first i was pretty happy with the evolution of the piece , all was well until a certain moment you start noticing things that bother you a lot and you realize you already done detailing work when some of the basics are off. So you smudge it around even more and end up wanting to shoot it in the face.

It's frustrating... the best thing i can do is start from scratch with the idea and learn from my mistakes but then i end up wasting a lot of time again.
I sometimes try 4 or 5 rendering styles ontop of eachother in one piece and then i'm suprised it looks like sh*t.

anywho the coming few days i need to work a a character i'm making for a gameproject of a friend. They had this cool freaky design of a main character and asked if i can make it in 3d (sculpt -> normalmapped lowpoly) in a short amount of time.
I'll show some shots of that lateron this week.

here is a design i did earlier this week that is probably going to become a sub-d 3d model

and here's a song i bump upon once in a while (so relaxing 8))

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Charlotte said...

Jij neger jij. :'D
Je hebt er nog verder aan gewerkt, ik zie het!