Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hell yeah

So ive been bussy the last few weeks and i'm trying to get things ready for my portfolio.
I've been keeping up my jogging schedule too !

So on to the shiny stuff

First Project Alite (a cool game in development by Robbert-Jan Brems ,Clair Bellens, Xander Clerckx and Arne idunnohislastnamez)
I'm making 3d Props for this project And i finished the main characters (designed by Xander) lowpoly and bake

next up PigletPanda

After painting this i went searching on the net to see if you can't create such a little critter.
So southpark already taught me a pigs and elephant's DNA don't match but it turns out pigs aren't the most compatible species on the planet :(

And last but not least my portfolio itself

come take a look, we got cookies!

It's an omen, you just run an automation!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Art and it's frustrations

So i was working on this painting for this weeks daeforum compo that was titled "Alternative Art" (aka grab an existing figure and do something different with it)

So i tried to do a semi realistic version of one of those big boobed anime chicks from bleach (halibel in release form)

At first i was pretty happy with the evolution of the piece , all was well until a certain moment you start noticing things that bother you a lot and you realize you already done detailing work when some of the basics are off. So you smudge it around even more and end up wanting to shoot it in the face.

It's frustrating... the best thing i can do is start from scratch with the idea and learn from my mistakes but then i end up wasting a lot of time again.
I sometimes try 4 or 5 rendering styles ontop of eachother in one piece and then i'm suprised it looks like sh*t.

anywho the coming few days i need to work a a character i'm making for a gameproject of a friend. They had this cool freaky design of a main character and asked if i can make it in 3d (sculpt -> normalmapped lowpoly) in a short amount of time.
I'll show some shots of that lateron this week.

here is a design i did earlier this week that is probably going to become a sub-d 3d model

and here's a song i bump upon once in a while (so relaxing 8))

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Keeping my word

Keeping my word and updating this turd!

So ive been painting the last few days , just felt like painting again.
Sometimes i get obsessed with sculpting for a while and then out of nothing i convert to painting like crazy.

I promised chalotte that i would do a timelapse of one of my paintings so i did !

an attempt at painting the lovely Emily Browning :) had another picture of her as a background an i figured why not try and paint her.

next up is this weird wanderer creature i started painting, didn't know what it was going to be but it turned out to be a cool design if i say so myself

I'm thinking of doing a collage of some of the "best" paints i did for my portfolio and maybe also some figure drawings or so.
Speaking of portfolio i just realized i need to start and finish it up so i can send it around!!

Maaaan i can't stop playing this one

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Midnighty Murdering Monsters

Omg It's a frigging blog!

This is going to be hard, channeling all of this crap together in posts without making it seem to random.
I really can't believe i managed to get my biorhythm so fucked up again that this is my last resort of trying to keep myself busy.

So let's recap 3 years of higher education in a sentence so you guys are up to par with where i'm at now

here it goes...
Win Worry Fail Win Worry Win Fail Fail Fail Win Worry

but you all already knew life is about getting smacked in the face with a sledgehammer and trying to get back up your feet again.

I try to do as much as i can, devote my time to what i love doing and when it isn't working out i just try harder.
Not all the time of course, i can be a lazy f*ck as well. But then again at those moments i am aware of it and i'll soon try to get into active mode again.

So to something less general and more recent
I've been working on a portfolio since i finally managed to pass my year and i need to get ready for an internship.
I want to aim high for that one since i want to be able to get a foot in the door and experience what working at a AAA studio with highly skilled professionals is like and learn as much as i can from them.
But i still feel that I'm lacking a lot of skills to even be considered for an intern position at such studios.
So that means WORK EVEN HARDER!!!

I think i'm going to wrap this one up for now and just add some of my recent stuff (oooooh pwetty pictuwes) .

I'll try to update this blog too and not let it rot for another 3 years so stay tuned :)

oh and since all the cool kids are doing it
here's a motivational song for y'all 8)