Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It goes oooooon and oooon and ooooooon

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

And how...

So after looking @ some of my previous posts here and the insecure feelings about my internship i'm glad to say that it turned out more awesome then i thought it would :D.

So a few months back i got the opportunity to do an internship as a 3d artist @ Larian Studios. A gamestudio located in Gent, Belgium that's especially know for it's Divinity series and some of the educational games they made.

At first i was a little afraid that i wouldn't get to work on their bigger projects but apparently i was wrong. Almost from day one i got to do the most awesome things i could imagine.

Also my doubts concerning 2D vs 3d... Well i'm mainly a 3d artist but i also get to do some design work. A perfect combination :)

Did you notice i didn't speak in the past tense in that last sentence? Guess i don't have to after getting hired!
I'm also proud to announce that i graduated with high distinction this year :). I didn't even know that was still possible for me but i certainly didn't mind getting the news.

Hmmm what more can i say. Oh yeah atm i'm kicking my weight issue in the nuts again.
Lost 11kg in 5 weeks, jogging more then 5 times a week, surpassed my longest run and brought it up to 1,5 hours and watching my food. *FEELS GOOD MAN*
This time i'm keeping it up, no more trying just doing.

Oke oke you got me, i'm janking on about everything except actual art. I've been doing a lot of different things the past half year and i must admit that doing art after work is challenging (especially now with the working out). But that isn't a reason not to do anything anymore so here are some of the things i've made over the past 10 months.

New to Old


speedsculpt based on david boudreau sketch

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Jaroon said...

haha maaaan what an update ! :P
Really like the upside down selfportrait and the gun !