Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Action Detraction

Helluw there neglected blog thingamahoo,

Time to update you once again,
little bit about life in general and a little art to go along with it as usuall.

So let's start with life.

The weightloss is still going, lost 40 kilos by now and i'm semi addicted to jogging so i don't have to fear gaining it all again over night.
You always hear people in the media who lost a bunch of weight saying "I feel sooooo much better now" but i don't really feel that way healthwise.
My physique is a lot better ofcourse but it was never at a point where i felt really bad about it or it affected me in a big way. It was mostly that mirror reflection that made me start losing weight again after the n'th try.

Moving on i finally moved out of my parents house to live by myself in my own apartment. I know i'm a boring f*ck for saying this but i love how quiet it is. I do what i want when i want , put something somewhere and find it back in the same state etc...
Anyway it's all good, i should maybe go out some more now that i can but i then i first need to find someone who isn't tangled up in a relationship and still has the permission to go play outside and have a drink with me.

But as always i keep busy doing artsy stuff, not as much as i'd like to do in my spare time but enough to keep me thinking i'm learning new stuff

And now without further ado, les images

new to old

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